An MBE Who Would have Thought?


In 2000 just at the start of the New Millennium Isabel McCue’s son John took his own life he was 30. He was talented clever and kind but he developed real severe mental health problems and life over these 8 years was just one crises after another. Support for mental health even after all these years is still not readily available for people when they need it.

Isabel has been awarded the MBE for the creative work in supporting good mental health and wellbeing.

Isabel says, “It is a great honour to be given this MBE in the New Year honours list and I accept it in the knowledge that it is not for me alone, everyone who has supported the work of Theatre Nemo over the last 15 years can celebrate knowing that they helped make Theatre Nemo a success.

And all the people who have taken part in workshops and performances in the Community in psychiatric hospitals and in prisons, you have by taking part and proving the worth of the arts in supporting good mental health and wellbeing are also a part of this award.

I sincerely hope that being given this MBE in recognition of Theatre Nemo’s creative interventions will help us achieve our Vision for a “Creative Holistic Support Centre”
So many organisation doing great work.

If you believe we can have a safer, happier, healthier Scotland then lets join up to make this possible.”

In addition, many congratulations to the CEO of Families Outside, Nancy Louks, for her OBE. Nancy has been instrumental in advocating for the use of the arts in criminal justice particularly in her work with Artlink Central.

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