Arts in Prison Organizations

As mentioned in the “Scottish prison service: Arts review: The benefits of the arts for offenders in detail” by Scottish Prison Service (2015) there are twelve Third sector organizations who are involved in the facilitation of arts in prisons. The following list provides a short explanation of these organizations. For more information visit the organizations site…


Artlink Central

Artlink Central is involved in delivering arts to offenders. Some of the art programmes that Artlink Central is currently involved with include: Creative Practice in Prisons, Forthways and supporting the Scottish Prison Arts Network.



Centrestage works with young offenders, prisoners and ex-offenders in assisting and supporting them to find the resources they need to advance their personal situations, using arts. Centrestage provides opportunities to individuals whom have been through the criminal justice system to be involved in community activities, volunteering and employment.


Citizen’s Theatre

Citizen’s Theatre aims to provide art as a means of rehabilitation to prisoners and ex-offenders. Their work aspires to offer opportunity for prisoners and ex-offenders to reflect on their offenses. Citizen’s Theatre further delivers activities that develop skills, improve attitudes and provide opportunities.

Cutting Edge Theatre

Cutting Edge Theatre has delivered musical and theatrical projects within Scotland prisons, and aims to provide “God’s perspective into society through the use of Theatre.”


Far Flung Dance

Far Flung Dance deliver’s Contemporary Dance projects within Scottish prisons. The organization also offers artist training and mentoring opportunities in order to improve the facilitation of art programs within prisons.


Glasgow Women’s Library

The Glasgow Women’s Library is involved in the learning centres at HMP Greenock and Cornton Vale prison, providing individuals with opportunities to speak out about inequality, along with building their skills and confidence.


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has designed and delivered “award-winning creative projects in prisons, secure environments and with communities affected by crime.” The Royal Conservatoire seeks to continue the development of teaching, practice and research of arts in prisons.


Station House Media Unit

Station House Media Unit’s ‘Media Access Project’ (MAP) is run in HMP and YOI Grampian and uses media to ‘address and overcome’ various issues that offenders face, prior to their release. Activities included involve radio broadcasting, filmmaking, magazine and music production. Further, offenders are given the opportunity to advance their personal development and skills.


Theatre Nemo

Theatre Nemo focuses on ‘Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing.’ Theatre Nemo has been involved in setting up art programmes within Scotland prisons, that “focus on bridging the gap between prison and community” and utilizing prisoners’ “natural creativity.”


The Reading Agency

The Reading Agency promotes ‘reading in prison [in order] to combat re-offending.’ The organization currently works within seven different prisons.


Ukulele Workshops in Scotland

The Ukulele Workshops in Scotland “provide tuition to long-term prisoners at HMP Dumfries,” as well as teaching a ukulele group in prison.


Vox Liminis

Vox Liminis utilizes music in order to assist offenders reintegration back into society. Vox Liminis seeks to strengthen family relationships and reduce recidivism. Further, the organization is involved with the KIN project, which assists family members of offenders, as well as the Distant Voices project, “an on-going body of work” that explores “crime and punishment through music, writing and film.”


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