Hugh McCue / Steering Group

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Hugh McCue

Project Co-ordinator and Co-founder of Theatre Nemo




What is your experience in the arts and criminal justice field?

The focus of my work for 14 years has been delivering creative projects to support those who are recovering from mental illness. As co founder of Theatre Nemo I have been fortunate to work with a great many talented artists and have co produced a wide range of projects using many art forms.

My specific background is theatre and I have delivered many projects in Community and Secure settings including the forensic mental health directorate.

Over the last ten years we have been delivering projects in HMP Barlinnie specifically for those men who are allocated a place in the High Dependency Unit (HDU). This unit is designed to care for those with complex mental health issues, learning difficulties and addictions and who are not able to cope within the mainstream population.

In addition to my work in HMP Barlinnie I have also delivered projects in HMP Addiewell, HMP Cornton Vale, HMYOI Polmont, HMP Glenochil and HMP Edinburgh.

What are your aims for the Scottish Prison Arts Network SCIO?

I see SPAN as an opportunity for artists working in prisons to be more confident in sharing their work more publicly.

What is your role aside from being a trustee for SPAN?

I am the full time project coordinator for Theatre Nemo. My role is to co-design projects with partner organisations, secure funding for projects and manage delivery in partnership with our team of artists.

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