Inspiring Change: Final Report

Inspiring Change was a co-ordinated programme of arts interventions that ran in 5 Scottish pilot prisons (Barlinnie, Greenock, Polmont, Shotts and the Open Estate) throughout 20101.

The programme involved a wide-ranging partnership between its principal sponsors Creative Scotland, its coordinators Motherwell College and Learning Centre staff located in prison establishments, the Scottish Prison Service, and participating arts organizations: National Galleries of Scotland, Citizens’ Theatre, Traverse Theatre, Scottish Opera, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Scottish Ensemble, National Youth Choir of Scotland.

This document is our Final Report . It aims to gather together in one place as much as possible of the material that we have collected and analyzed, as well as to present a concise review of existing relevant research. This does not mean that it is our last word. We will continue to explore themes and issues from this research in a variety of formats for some time to come. We explain the scope, and limitations, of this report further below.

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