MUS0C – Music and Social Intervention Research Network

Call for Participation

MUS0C – Music and Social Intervention Research Network

Knowledge Exchange Forum, supported by the AHRC

Saturday 6th October 2018, York St John University, 11am-6.30pm


This one day event at York St John University provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge and share understandings of the concepts of excellence, inclusion, and intervention in relation to music projects and programmes. The event forms part of an AHRC funded research network project bringing together researchers to interrogate these concepts so as to explore sustainable working practices for musicians working across different contexts where understandings of the concepts of excellence, inclusion and intervention may vary.

Based on the premise that, in many cases, the most exciting conversations at conferences happen in the space between formal presentations, the event is organised so that structured sessions comprising head-to-head debates and lightening/speed talks will stimulate thinking and dialogue, with semi-structured sessions providing space for deeper discussion between participants on themes raised in participation proposals and/or structured sessions. Through providing a forum to exchange knowledge on this topic, we aim to facilitate the formation of new partnerships that can lead to future research collaborations.

We invite anyone with an interest in research and practice surrounding music and social interventions to participate in this day of discussion, critique, networking and sharing of ideas. To submit a proposal to participate, we ask people to outline their rationale for participation and what they would like to contribute, addressing the following questions:

  • Why is the topic of this event important to me?
  • What key questions can I bring to the table and why?
  • What am I particularly interested in discussing at the event?
  • What might I contribute via a 2-minute lightening talk? (optional)

Participants should write no more than 1000 words so as to form a starting point for discussions during the event. These proposals for participation will be published on the MUSOC online platform prior to the event so that participants can read each other’s starting points and identify others to connect with during the event. Participants will have an opportunity to submit a further 1000-word response after the event to also be published on the MUSOC platform. The MUSOC platform can be accessed at

We receive regular analytics of activity on the MUSOC platform and can provide information on the level of public engagement with your contribution.

The timeline for submitting proposals to participate is:

Call for proposals opened 9 March 2018
Call closing date 30 April 2018
Notification of participation by 31 May 2018
1000-word starting points published on MUSOC 1 September 2018
Deadline for 1000-word response to event 30 October 2018


There is a small cost to attend this event of £15 per participant (free for doctoral students and freelance music practitioners). Lunch, refreshments and after event reception are included.

Please email your 1000-word proposal to participate to by 30 April 2018. Please note, there is only space for 1000 words on the MUSOC platform. Any words above that limit will be cut off. Your name and institution/organisation affiliations are not included in the 1000 word limit. For information on the MUSOC steering group, visit the MUSOC online platform home page.

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