Street Cones



It’s not what we have done, but what we could become!


Street Cones is a non-profit organisation that was started up by returning citizens who have experienced the criminal justice system who would like to prevent young people going down the wrong pathways into crime, substance misuse and bad decision making.  By providing mentoring, peer support, strong interpersonal skills, pro social befriending, empowerment and assistance with the re-integration process back into the community; Street Cones hopes to reassert a sense of hope for the future. Our aims are early intervention and prevention of re-offending, substance misuse and bad behaviour. Street Cones will educate young people about the negative emotions and consequences of going through the criminal justice system with the goal of reducing bad behaviour and offending.

Our Mission is to help ourselves to help others with a commitment to educating at-risk young people who have lost hope, are in care or about to leave care.

Through creative reflective script writing and creative activities our aims are to raise awareness how negative emotions can affect our behaviour by looking at triggers igniting negative decision making, the ripple effect and peer pressure’s impact on re-offending, offending and substance misuse (legal highs). After each performance we will hold a question and answer session about the message we aim to get across in a language, tone and empathy young people will understand!

Our goal is early intervention and prevention by helping to support offenders, ex-offenders and recovering addicts during key times go through periods of change; work to change thinking, behaviour and social identity through the arts. Increasing empowerment and control of their future with a clear sense of purpose and meaning in life (self-efficacy). By seeing and valuing people for who they are and working with the skills and creativity they have to enhance and improve literacy during reflective creative script writing sessions. Enhance self-esteem, self-assurance, self- confidence from performing theatre within the community rebuilding a positive bond with society by forming relationships for reasons other than crime, substance misuse thus avoiding the past triggers and peer pressure



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